Training in ECM & BPM in Cork

Training in ECM & BPM in Cork

Training in ECM & BPM in Cork

Do you know your taxonomies from your filing plan?

Confused about all the terminology?

Not sure what solutions you should be looking for?

Lost in a sea of supplier marketing information?

For a supplier agnostic training session to give you the grounding you need in all aspects of Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management, join us in Cork on the 8th and 9th of April 2013.

What is ECM…

Enterprise Content Management is a subject area that covers all aspects of maintaining, in a structured and retrievable fashion, any document or record that is of tangible benefit to your company. It covers records management, filing plans, taxonomies, metadata, auditability, traceability, electronic signatures and many other areas

What is BPM…

Business Process Management is a subject area taking what are traditionally paper based processes and applying the benefits of automation to them. Just about any process in an enterprise can benefit from automation. This course aims to cover the basics of identifying those processes with a heavy document or form filling component.

Who is this course for…

This course will be of benefit to a wide range of attendees from all sides of the enterprise. Quality and records managers will gain an insight into the technologies available to implement policies, application support staff will gain an insight into a new suite of technologies, IT decision makers will gain an overview of the business benefits of ECM & BPM systems.

 Course content

Enterprise Content Management:

  • Overview of ECM tools
  •  ECM infrastructure
  •  Policies versus systems
  •  System design
  •  Documents grow up, beyond word
  •  Metadata
  •  Filing Plans
  •  Security & Lifecycle
  •  Records Management
  •  Audit trails
  •  Availability and Business Continuity considerations
  •  The future – cloud & mobile access

Business Process Management:

  • Overview of BPM tools
  •  BPM Standards
  •  Workflow design
  •  Automation chains
  •  Intelligent forms
  •  Web based access
  •  Reporting on process
  •  Interacting with other systems

Course Details

Date: 8th-9th April 2013
Location: National Software Centre, Cork
Cost: €750 per participant (Discount for multiple bookings)
for more information or to enroll on the course:
Or call us on +353 25 47110
Gingertec Ltd
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